IRON HILL MEDIA acquires and produces stories in the form of films and/or serials for the local and global market. We aim to build a library of iconic content from fearless filmmakers.

We tell stories.

"Stories may well be lies, but they are good lies that say true things." - Neil Gaiman.

We think that telling stories is the best job in the world and we never let ourselves forget that. We pride ourselves on robust storytelling by collaborating with the best emerging and established storytellers in all their forms. 

Founded in 2019, IHM is an independent entertainment development and production company dedicated to providing an artistic haven for creative talent. We work directly with Directors, Writers and more to develop their ideas into a full presentation format and pitch it for funding - we are fuelled by a strong desire to bring good stories to life!

Let's tell some good lies that say true things together. 

Our mission: to make a lasting impact on global audiences with stories from South East Asia (SEA). We will tell distinctive local stories with global appeal surrounding all forms of subject matter that make us human.

IHM is owned by Principals from Passion Pictures who have offices in Malaysia(2000), Indonesia(2005) & Thailand(2012). Passion is a Producer-Owned-Company and all of the Passion offices are members of the exclusive Global Production Network in their respective countries. With strategically placed offices in SEA, IHM has direct access to produce high quality SEA content to be shared on the global market.


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