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UPDATE 26 MAY 2023 : The Role below has been filled.



With 2 to 3 years work experience. *Production/Creative industry experience preferred. 

Start date pending interview and further discussion.

Reports to CEO & President of IHM.

Job Overview : Your role is primarily to provide administrative and creative support to the CEO & President of Iron Hill Media.


Responsibilities & Duties : You will be expected to -

  • Manage Existing Projects - To assist with organizing production activities, encompassing pre-production, production and post production.  

  • Create New Opportunities - To assist with efforts to continually develop on existing concepts, craft new concepts and find alternative ways to get funding for the company. We typically target funding via broadcast & streaming platforms, brands and other alternatives such as government/festival grants and so on. These opportunities can be created locally in Malaysia or beyond our borders ie regional and international entities.

  • Assist With Administrative Necessities - To assist with administrative tasks related to the company. 


Ultimately, you will need to execute your duties with the efficiency of a Project Manager. With daily checklists, weekly objectives and monthly goals that will be drafted alongside the CEO so that you can be given due support to achieve said goals.

Qualifications : Production/Creative industry experience is preferred but not compulsory. Related skill sets (listed below) and personal interest / passion to make good TV shows & movies with an interest of how the TV/Film industry works (local & international) will be highly valued. 


Related skill-sets include :

  • Organization: The job will require you to manage multiple tasks at once, so organizational skills can be very helpful. You can use your organizational skills to keep track of schedules, manage budgets and organize files and documents. Organization can also help you keep track of the many people involved in a production.

  • Communication: You will often communicate with many people throughout the production process. You need to be able to clearly convey messages to other production staff, crew members and talent. You also need to be able to listen to and understand the messages others send them. You are not expected to be an extrovert but you are expected to be a solid communicator.

  • Time management: You will need to prioritize their tasks and manage their time effectively. This can include knowing when certain tasks need to be completed and delegating tasks to other assistants or crew members. 

  • Problem-solving: The industry is full of surprises. As such, you may be responsible for solving production issues. For example, if a crew member is sick and can’t work, you may need to find a replacement. This requires problem-solving skills, as you need to find a qualified replacement and ensure the production continues as scheduled. You may also need to solve issues with the equipment or software, so it’s important to be able to identify the problem and find a solution.

  • Leadership: You will often have to work in teams, so it’s important for you to develop strong leadership skills. As an assistant to the CEO, you may be in charge of delegating tasks, assigning roles and keeping others on task. 


Salary : Junior Exec. Level - Enquire within.


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