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Reports to CEO & President of IHM.

Job OverviewYou will assist the President/CEO with daily administrative duties of the company : including managing monthly finances such as paying vendors, salaries and other monthly overheads. You will also function as an ‘above-the-line’ Co-Producer on selected projects at various stages of development : from seeking new materials, creating pitch decks, making the pitch and sourcing for alternative sources of funding via grants and so on. Where appropriate and agreed upon by Employee & Employer; Employee will also take on an active role in selected projects when funding is secured. Examples include positions such as ‘Production Assistant, 2nd Assistant Director, Post Production Manager and so on’. 


Responsibilities & Duties : You will be expected to -

  • Develop and execute strategies to grow the company with the President and CEO. 

  • Work jointly with other Producers, Writers, Directors and Creative Parties to oversee various projects from development to pitching with the objective of securing funding to execute the project(s).

  • Work jointly with other Producers to oversee greenlit project(s) with funding from writers-rooms, pre-production preparation, production and post production.

Qualifications : No specific industry experience is compulsory but would be welcomed. Related skill sets and personal interest / passion to make good art is highly valued.


Related skill-sets include :

  • Able to work 'Independently'. We practice a hybrid working environment, alternating between 'home' and 'office' pending on the needs of the ongoing projects. Micro-managing is frowned upon by the President and CEO of IHM. 

  • 'Project Management' experience can be adapted for our purposes. The ability to plan ahead and achieve deadlines is more important than specific industry related expereince.

  • The ability to manage 'Finance-related' matters such as budgets, cash flow for projects. You should not be afraid of 'numbers'. 

Salary : Junior Exec. Level - Enquire within.


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