We find the stories, we develop them, we pitch them and we bring them to life.

We are constantly on the lookout for and work directly with Directors, Writers and Storytellers in all of their forms. Seeking stories that can be developed and pitched for today's content-hungry market. 

We will secure all the key elements to make the telling of the story effective. From locking down of story rights, the right Director, Writers, Crew and Casting!



The following titles are code names with descriptions of works at different stages of development for series or films. If you would like to know more about any of them, drop us a line!


Series, Animation
Zombie Apocalypse, Dark Comedy,
For Mature Audience (16 years old and above)

This is an animated series for mature audiences. Imagine the early days of a zombie apocalypse in Malaysia forcing all of us, from different ages, races and walks of life to come together and survive. This is a story of how a shy timid Malaysian teenager learns how to grow up quickly in her journey to eventually lead the country in the wake of a zombie apocalypse.

CURRENT STATUS : This project has received a development grant from MDEC and we have completed our pitch bible, including a 1 min animation teaser. We are seeking investors and other OTT/Broadcast platforms to bring the show to life.


Movie, Horror.
For mass audience.

A bunch of teenagers like to dare each other to go into legendary haunted places. It's a game they like to play. What could go wrong? 

CURRENT STATUS: We are in the process of receiving funding to make this movie from the FINAS DKD Grant. Stay tuned for more info! 


Crime, Thriller, Drama
Set in 60's & 70's in Penang, Malaysia.
For Mature Audiences.

This is a series that is inspired by the real life story of the first female Head of Anti Vice in the Malaysian Police, back in the 1960's & 70's.

We reimagine her origin story, from a young minority female police officer to someone who runs 15 raids a day on everything from gambling dens, prostitution rackets to drug cartels in the underbelly of the Pearl of the Orient, Penang.

Her story has never been told and we have exclusive rights to it. 

CURRENT STATUS: As of 2021, we are working with Imagine Entertainment, based in LA to further develop this show and go to market seeking funding and a platform to bring this series to life.


Crime, Drama, Family
For Mature Audiences

This is a fictional story of a young idealistic lawyer who believes in law & order. But her whole world is shook up when she is told that her loving Grandmother,  the only family she's ever had, is the head of a ruthless gang. 

She is told to go undercover and help a special taskforce to bring the gang down. We will watch her get thrown into a world of 60 year old gangsters who have been in power for the last 30 years and begin to question her own sense of right and wrong. Ultimately having to choose between her own belief in fighting for the law or betraying the only family she's ever known. 

We already have a whole cast of known and talented actors willing to commit to this project!

CURRENT STATUS: Pitch bible at 95%. Fully detailed episodic breakdown completed. Now seeking funding via investors or OTT/Broadcast platforms.



Revenge, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
For Mature Audiences

This is a fictional story, based on a talented gang debt collector who is brutally killed and is sent to hell. But the Gods of Yin & Yang decide to play a game and  his poor soul is at stake.

He is chosen to be sent back to earth during the Hungry Ghost Festival when the gates of hell are opened for 15 days. Within that time he is given a chance to get revenge on the people who are responsible for his murder. But there is more than meets the eye as the Gods are playing their own game while he discovers that his murder was not as simple as he thought it was.

CURRENT STATUS: Pitch bible at 95%. Fully detailed episodic breakdown completed. Pilot episode script (1st draft) available. Now seeking funding via investors or OTT/Broadcast platforms.


Mini-series, Period War Drama
For Mass Audience

A tragic love story told against the backdrop of the very real communist aggression in Borneo during the 60's. A fictional forbidden love story in the midst of a very real war conflict. Imagine shows like 'Band of Brothers' or 'Pacific' but set in 1960's Malaysia!

CURRENT STATUS : Early stages of development.


Movie or Series 
Period Drama Series set in the 1980's
For Mass Audience

A true story about two extraordinary English language teachers who were asked to become clowns on National TV in the early years of ‘TV Pendidikan’ to teach English on TV in the 80’s. The show actually did well. Want to know more? 

CURRENT STATUS: Early stages of development.